"Let me teach you how to put life back into your loved furniture..." 


Welcome to Badger Upholstery

I am based in my workshop in Montpelier, Bristol. This is a vibrant and artistic area which is ideal for such a creative trade. I love sharing the upholstery skills I have learnt in the last 18 years of working around Bristol, on both traditional and modern upholstery.

Weekly workshop sessions or 2 day workshops. Bring your own piece of furniture or buy one of my own footstool

frames that allow you to learn a range of traditional skills.

Weekly Sessions

I run weekly sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings 9:30am - 12pm, and Monday and Wednesday afternoons  1pm-3:30pm

Book in terms at £25 per session - term lengths vary:


Week begining 6th January 2020 - Week begining 10th Feb 2020  6 week term 

Week begining 24th Febuary 2020 - Week begining 30th March 2020  6 week term

Week begining 20th April 2020 - Week begining 18th May 2020  5 week term

Week begining 1st June 2020 - Week begining 13th July 2020  7 week term


2 Day Workshops

I run intensive weekend 2 day workshops where you will have more time to get stuck into a larger project, or complete one of my footstools to learn a range of traditional skills.  Cost is £260 for 2 days including lunch.

See the '2 day' page for dates and availability. 

To book please email me at 

Please read my cancellation policy before booking

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I can cover 19mm looped back

button in your own fabric

Buy Vouchers for workshop

sessions as a gift

"My ideal relaxation is working on upholstery. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and its like therapy"

— Pamela Anderson